A Little Word on Tofu Shirataki

The New Bite

Gluten-free, vegan, and only twenty calories per serving makes Tofu Shirataki noodles one of my favorite new bites.

It’s been a very busy week here, between work and midterms, and thus my regrettable absence from the blogosphere.

Eating right takes time, and it’s hard to stay healthy when what you really need is a fast meal to get you from one obligation to the next. That’s just one of the reasons I’ve been eating so much Tofu Shirataki these days. Highly recommended to me by my roommate Heather, and Giuliana at Lovely Healthy, this noodle substitute is certified Guilt Free, and super easy to cook up.

Each bag comes with two servings of noodles, but even if you find yourself devouring the entire bag, you’re only banking 40 calories.

I cooked a serving up for dinner last night, which means draining the noodles and microwaving them for one minute to remove the “authentic aroma,” which is definitely off-putting at first but forgivable.

A quick sauté in some I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spray with Extra Virgin Olive Oil, which I use on basically every bite because it’s zero calories and zero trans fat, and a dash of salt and black pepper are all these noodles really need.

It’s important to note that the texture of Tofu Shirataki is distinctly unique from pasta.  For this reason, I typically cook these in Trader Joe’s Island Soyaki sauce, and make a stir-fry with baby corn, green bell pepper, onion and broccoli. I find this flavor profile works well with any remaining “authentic aroma” that the microwave missed.

Nonetheless, last night I opted for the traditional spaghetti, marinara and parmesan combination.  A quarter cup of Trader Joe’s Traditional Marinara,  a half a cup of Tofu Shirataki, and teaspoon of grated parmesan cheese will just get you to 55 calories.

A home cooked Italian dinner for a quarter of the calories.

Adding baked tofu is a good way to add protein (and healthy calories) to this meal.  Also, don’t hesitate to use the Tofu Shirataki as a vehicle for a more indulgent sauce, that might otherwise make for a guilty meal.

Here’s to the beginning of the weekend, where I will have more time for writing, eating, and enjoying every little bite!



2 thoughts on “A Little Word on Tofu Shirataki

    1. Dawn, I know! It definitely goes against every instinct I ever had toward pasta. I found these at Shaw’s supermarket, and they have fettuccine-style there, too.

      There is also angel hair and macaroni Tofu Shirataki, but I haven’t seen those available near me.

      Let me know if you find these at your supermarket!

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