Where To Bite French Cambodian – The Elephant Walk [Boston, MA]

Where to Bite

Whether you’re in Cambridge, Boston or Waltham, The Elephant Walk is the perfect place to meet with a group of friends. Accommodating the carnivore, the vegetarian, the vegan and the gluten-free with their extensive menu, there is guaranteed to be something for everyone.

This restaurant offers a variety of traditional and contemporary French and Cambodian cuisine, including items like salade de feta au concombre, right along side the nyoum trasak.

My first Elephant Walk experience was at the Boston location, off the Saint Mary’s train stop just past Kenmore Square. At 900 Beacon St., you’ll find a brick building with wide, street-facing windows. Inside is an elephant, funky space -The Elephant Walk. http://elephantwalk.com

Wide variety and unique ingredients make for an exciting culinary experience. A great place to meet with friends, no matter what dietary restrictions you all may have.

Recommended Dishes: My dinner, pictured above, was a vegan Cambodian dish, the Somlah Kako. Somewhere between a soup and a one-pot dish, this bowl was overflowing with vegetables, most notably buttercup squash, baby bok choy and asian eggplant. All this is cooked in a predominantly lemongrass broth.

The Not-So-Good Bite: The average entree at The Elephant Walk costs between $15.95 and $23.95. Certainly, it’s not outrageous given the quality and complexity of the food and the atmosphere. Yet I cannot suggest this as the place to stop for a quick, cheap bite.  If The Elephant Walk is calling your name, make it a night out, splurge, and get an appetizer to start.

The Good Bite: The menu definitely requires a little extra energy than most, but the payoff is worth it. In addition to vegetables and lemongrass broth, my dish contained galangal and toasted rice powder – two ingredients that left me a little befuddled. But the waiter was able to answer all of my questions, and the chefs certainly know what they’re doing.  At The Elephant Walk, the key to a happy meal is trust. Trust, and you will receive something delicious and diet-friendly.

The Best Bite: As I mentioned before, this is the place where everyone can come and be satisfied. Unlike many excursions into the realm of vegetarian dining, my boyfriend was not forced to eat tofu or copious amounts of vegetables. Instead, he was able to eat his braised spicy lamb in harmony, alongside my vegetable soup. The menu also specifically caters to vegan and gluten-free restrictions, and many dishes can be modified to satisfy other specific requests.

In a world inundated with dietary restrictions, lifestyle specifications and culinary preferences, picking the restaurant for a night out with friends is never as easy as it used to be. Gems like The Elephant Walk make eating out a relaxing experience for everyone involved, and there’s just no price you can put on that.

Next time, look for a word from my home state, Connecticut, where I’m off to find another little bite.



2 thoughts on “Where To Bite French Cambodian – The Elephant Walk [Boston, MA]

  1. Bite Me!
    Don’t you think that should be the title of your header for the comments section of Littlewordbites? I bet you’ll get more feedback with that;) Good, no? Love reading your culinary commentary! Keep up the good work kiddo!

    xo e

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