A Little Word on a Mini Toast (The Legal Sip)

Create Your Own Bite, The New Bite

A celebratory mini sip from the team at Eastern Standard, so my friends and I could make a tiny toast to twenty-one years.

This is my first post as a legal adult, having hit the twenty-one mark on Friday. In the spirit of the occasion, I’m making this week about my new search for the perfect little sip – as always, navigating the thin line between healthy and delicious.

If there’s ever a weekend to kick the calorie-counter and enjoy your drink, it’s this one. But while imbibing in some of Boston’s best cocktails, starting with a Blueberry Thrill at Eastern Standard and concluding with a Riviera at Bistro du Midi, I couldn’t help but think about if, or how, could I integrate this new menu territory into my health-conscious lifestyle?

Some field research (naturally) and Internet research (necessary) have led me to a quick little list with some tips for keeping the drinks delicious and fun, without putting an otherwise healthy lifestyle on the rocks.

Limit the Mixers

o It seems there isn’t anything you can’t mix with alcohol, be it a whole egg or melted milk chocolate. If a creative concoction is what you’re craving, try to order a cocktail with only one or two mixes, and look for the light ones. Opt for a squeeze of fresh lemon, for example, rather than a sugary lemon syrup.

Make it Mini

o When it comes to liquor, it’s always the safer bet to make your own drink at home. With full control over the amount and kind of the ingredients involved, you can know exactly what you’re drinking and take direct action to make it healthy. Of course, everyone needs a night out, but try having friends over to your place the next time you’re craving a fun drink, and serve up a series of mini toasts – cocktail style!

One of my mini cocktails, a shot of coconut rum and muddled strawberries sweetened with Splenda.

This weekend, one of my favorite birthday activities was throwing together mini cocktails. Granted, size alone immediately cuts the guilt in half. But even full-sized drinks, while less-adorable, can be benefit equally from a health-conscious refrigerator. Use skim milk instead of cream in a low-calorie White Russian, or Tropicana Trop50 for a healthy, homemade mimosa

Go Clear

o If you’re torn between a Whiskey Sour or a Tom Collins, go with the gin cocktail. Lighter liquors, such as gin or vodka, are lower in calories than dark liquors, like whiskey or bourbon.

At the end of the night, what matters is that the drink you drank was worth it, because no one is making a a zero-calorie wine cooler yet, and sometimes we all need a special little sip.

Until next time, I’m off to find another little bite – and little drink to pair it with!



2 thoughts on “A Little Word on a Mini Toast (The Legal Sip)

  1. Love the minis! So cute. If you’re looking for healthy, we just posted carrot vodka last week! (ok, maybe that isn’t really healthy… but it is better than lots of drinks out there)

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