Where to Bite American- Boston Logan International Airport [The Traveling Bite]

The Traveling Bite, Where to Bite

With a view of the runway, planes departing to their unique destinations, stopping through or landing home, sometimes a meal is truly about where you are, and where you are going. This simple house salad is a little bite that I will never in my life forget.

This is not my standard post.

For the past three years, Boston – home of the Celtics, McGreevy’s Irish Pub and Sports Bar, and the Dropkick Murhpys – has also become the place I call home.

My apartment, nestled in the Italian North End, and just a few blocks down from the most fabulous canolis, has been the core of my academic and social life.

Yet my life in America, despite the unique cultural neighborhoods and niches that I have loved discovering, has come to a point of departure.

A lot has changed in the last three years, and today marks the beginning of a new and beautiful chapter in my life. I am leaving Boston for the summer, to study and work, to find adulthood and independence, in the wonderful and beautiful city of London.

In the E Terminal at Boston Logan International Airport is O’Brian’s Pub. It seemed all-too fitting to take my last meal in an airport restaurant specializing in Traditional American food, and to do so by myself. This is the first in an extended series of Traveling Bite posts. I’ll share with you the best in British fare, French delicacies, and who-knows-what-else that I encounter during my European travels. As always, I will seek to keep things fresh and healthy. Yet authentic cultural food will take precedence this summer, as I maneuver my way through new cities, new cultures, and new foods. This is an experience I will never have again. Traveling alone, exploring Europe, and most importantly, learning about myself as an individual.

Keeping things fresh and light for my six-hour flight, I opt for simple mixed greens and vegetables, dressing on the side.

This is my last American meal for a long time. A simple house salad, dressing on the side, and topped with “every vegetable you have laying around, if possible.” A glass of California Chardonnay to calm the nerves before the overnight flight. This ceremonious American bite will hold me over until I land in a new country. I will miss my friends, who have supported me through a surprisingly difficult year, and my family, who have always encouraged me to take flight when I needed to. They have never held me back, and they are the reason I am able to have this unbelievable opportunity. I am so grateful to them for their love and support. And for all of you who have followed LittleWordBites, I hope you continue to enjoy my culinary adventures as a clumsy vegetarian seeking satisfying and healthy food, at home and abroad.

Join me for the next eight weeks of literature, British fare, and European adventures. This will be a wonderful journey.

I’m off across the pond to find a world of little bites. Until next time, America.



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