A Little Word on Graze [The Traveling Bite]

The New Bite, The Traveling Bite
Nature Delivered Graze Box

Four healthy, fun snacks delivered straight to your mailbox makes for an innovative, exciting snack-experience.

Since arriving in London nearly a month ago, I have struggled to maintain a healthy and satisfying diet. With a limited kitchen, unusual products, extensive traveling and eating-out, and the high-cost of food, it has been difficult to fill my day with foods that are enjoyable, healthy, and nutritious.

Through a student offer and discount website, I learned about Graze: Nature Delivered snack boxes, available for delivery across the United Kingdom. With over 100 snacks to chose from, and the ability to customize your snack box to your dietary needs, I was eager to try this promising product.

My first box, free as part of their introductory offer, arrived this week, and as I have been making my way through the quartet of delicious, healthy snacks, I’ve been pleased with the quality and flavor inside each punnet.

Graze believes in the benefit of introducing natural, unprocessed snacks to maintain energy and ensure well-rounded nutrition every day. With four specific box plans – Nibble (for the snacker interested in trying all the Graze treats), EatWell (healthy recipes only), Boost (for snacks with the most nutrient-rich snacks) and Light (for the low-calorie snacker) there’s a program for everyone.

Naturally, I selected the light box, and proceeded to rate the products available in order to ensure my box would contain only those snacks I found most appetizing, and that conformed to my nutrition plan.

My Light Box arrived this week, containing delicious, nutrient-rich snacks all between 54-146 calories. Intended to provide a late-afternoon boost, this Graze box has been a wonderful supplement to my unfamiliar British diet.

Every punnet, or little snack, included in the box has at least one “Healthy Benefit.” Whether it’s one of your daily five portions of fruit, or high in fibre, the Graze box takes all the guilt out of snacking.

When my box arrived by Royal Mail within just days of ordering, I was delighted to find a Cherry Tomato, Basil and Puglian Pesto Foccacia Bread, Smoky Gazpacho Relish with Wholmeal Crisp Bread Slices (My first British mini toasts!), Korean Chilli Rice Crackers and tropical dried fruit, including Pineapple, Lime-infused Sultanas and Sour Mango.

Each box comes with a guide to the nutritional content and benefit of each punnet, making it easy to figure out which snack to best work into your daily dine. Gluten-free? Vegan? Lactose Intolerant? With one quick click on the Graze website, you can bin any of the snacks that don’t fit your dietary needs.

With my next box half-off, and delivery always free, I’ll be sure to order another Graze box during my stay in London. The only real question, Graze, is when will you start delivering to the States?

For more information, check out Graze: Nature Delivered at their home page.

Even across the pond, my favorite bites are always the little ones packed with nutrients, flavor, and irresistably guilt-free.




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